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La Verendrye

La Verendrye Canada Postage Stamp
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La Verendrye
Date of Issue
June 4, 1958
Postal Administration
Perforation or Dimension
Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.
Designed by Gerald Mathew Trottier. Picture engraved by Yves Baril.
Original Artwork
Jean-Émile Brunet, "La Vérendrye", 1938 La Vérendrye Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hidden Date

This stamp has a hidden date to the right of the 5¢ text.

About Stamp

Sieur de la Vérendrye, the title of Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, was born at Trois Rivières on 17th November, 1685. Before gaining fame as an explorer he served from 1707 to 1711 in the Régiment de Bretagne, and was commissioned in 1712 as an officer in the French forces in Canada. As an explorer he won fame through his many achievements. In 1731, accompanied by his sons he set out for the west, and erected Fort St. Pierre on Rainy Lake. The next year he built Fort St. Charles on the Lake of the Woods. By 1734 he had proceeded farther westward, building Fort Maurepas on Lake Winnipeg. Continuing his journeys, by 1738 he had Fort La Reine on the Assiniboine River and Fort Rouge on the site of present-day Winnipeg. Before his death in 1749 he had explored the regions that are now Manitoba, the Dakotas, Minnesota, and the Northwestern areas of Canada. Some members of his party are believed to have glimpsed the Rocky Mountains.

La Verendrye

The figure of La Vérendrye and an Indian from the monument by Emile Brunet of Montreal. The statue unveiled by the St. Boniface Historical Society, is in St. Boniface, Manitoba. The stamp design suggests the broad lands of the prairies with their great rivers and the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon.

Interesting Details

The designer's initial can be found in the bottom-right corner of the stamp. The initial GT, which has a rather unique look, belongs to Gerald Mathew Trottier.

Patrick, Douglas and Mary Patrick. Canada's Postage Stamps. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1964, p. 111-112.
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