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Northern Development


Northern Development


Date of Issue

February 8, 1961




Postal Administration


Perforation or Dimension



Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.


Designed by Bernard James Reddie. Picture engraved by Yves Baril. Lettering engraved by Gordon Mash.

Hidden Date

The hidden date for this stamp can be found underneath the 5¢ text.

About Stamp

This large size stamp depicts a modern earth-moving machine and a surveyor with a transit below a compass rose. Lines of latitude and longitude emphasize the great expanse of Canada's last frontier in the North. The background of the stamp will be red and the lettering and foreground will be green and the denomination will be five cents. The development of Canada's great Northland during the last fifty years has been amazing, but Canadians are not yet fully aware of the immense resources that await development there. In issuing this stamp, Canada acknowledges the work of the pioneers who entered this land of promise on foot, the bush pilots who penetrated further north and the hardy workers who are now bringing civilization to such far-away places as Alert on the nothern tip of Ellesmere Island, well above the Arctic Circle. The stamp is a tribute to the growing numbers of twentieth century pioneers who are united in helping to open up the great treasure chest of the North, and to make habitation there compatible with standards in other parts of Canada.

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Canada Post Office Department. [Postage Stamp Press Release], 1961.

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