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Cycling Canada Postage Stamp
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Date of Issue
March 22, 1974
Postal Administration
1976 Olympic Games, Keeping Fit
Series Time Span
1973 - 1976
Perforation or Dimension
Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.
Picture engraved by Donald J. Mitchell.
Hidden Date

About Stamp

The second issue of Canada's Olympic stamps, anticipating the 1976 Montreal summer games, reflects the enjoyment and the reward of participation in physical exercise, which inspire the magnificent achievements of athletes in world competition and which are shared the world over by people of all ages and circumstances. Even while the very accomplished athletes of all countries pursue their rigorous programmes in preparation for the games, children, youths, adults and family groups are being attracted to physical pastimes. These recreational activities generally reflect something of the land, the seasons, and the people. Canada, in summer, is represented typically by the subjects of the four designs which are featured on this postal issue. A cycling family points out the immense increase in the popularity of the bicycle in recent times. Among the factors responsible are an increased concern for fitness and for the environment, and the arrival of a new generation of glamorous, high speed bicycles on which the Sunday afternoon jaunt and the cross country tour are possible. Like the other sports portrayed in this series, cycling offers the chance to mix with other people, and many regards this as the most worthwhile result of participation in sports and recreation. Thus water activities, jogging, bicycling and hiking typify a renewed appreciation of the benefits of conditioning, a healthy mind and a healthy body, and these sports demonstrate the wisdom of the Olympic creed "The most important thing... is not to win but to take part...". These new issued are being produced with the latent image technique, a first on stamps in Canada and the world. Viewed straight on, one of the four recreational activities will be seen, but when observed at an oblique angle, the Montreal Olympics symbol will appear. The designs for these stamps were created by Hunter Straker, Templeton Limited. Those of the joggers and the cyclists were derived from photos taken by Mr. Crombie McNeill for Information Canada.

Canada. Post Office Department. [Postage Stamp Press Release], 1974.
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