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Castle Hill, Nfld., circa 1762

Castle Hill, Nfld., circa 1762 Canada Postage Stamp
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Castle Hill, Nfld., circa 1762
Date of Issue
June 28, 1985
Postal Administration
Canada Day, Forts across Canada
Series Time Span
1983 - 1985
Perforation or Dimension
12.5 x 13
Ashton-Potter Limited.
Designed by Rolf P. Harder.
About Stamp
The role of Canada's forts has changed considerably since the early colonial days. In the past, the purpose of forts was to defend the country against invaders. Today, they are a top tourist attraction, drawing thousands of visitors every year. After the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1713, Fort Royal in Newfoundland was ceded to the British, who named it Castle Hill. It overlooks the town of Placentia, the bay, and the surrounding countryside. The Forts stamps are the work of Montreal graphic designer Rolf Harder. By showing a bird's-eye view of the forts, the designer has emphasized their great variety of shapes and structures. For some of the forts, a reconstruction of no longer extant buildings and structures was made, using original plans and drawings of the period. This is indicated by the inclusion of circa dates on these stamps.
Canada Post Corporation. [Postage Stamp Press Release], 1985.
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