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Canadian Mammals





Date of Issue

January 12, 1990


Postal Administration



Canadian Mammals

Series Time Span

1988 - 1990

Perforation or Dimension

14.5 x 14, 12.5 x 13, 13


Ashton-Potter Limited.


Designed by Brian Tsang.

Hidden Date

The hidden date for this stamp can be found near the left edge of the stamp.

About Stamp

Three new-rate medium value definitives are the third set in the series of stamps featuring large mammals indigenous to Canada. The pronghorn (Antilocapra americana), unique to North America, appears on the U.S. rate 45-cent stamp. The 61-cent stamp (second step of the domestic rate) pictures the grey or timber wolf (Canis lupus), found in isolated, thinly populated regions of Canada. The white whale, or beluga (Delphinapterus leucas), is featured on the international rate 78-cent stamp. All three designs are available in panes of 50 stamps; the pronghorn and beluga stamps are also available in packs of five stamps. The three stamps were designed by Brian Tsang of Toronto who also designed the previous two sets of definitives featuring large mammals.

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