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The West Wind, Tom Thomson, 1917

The West Wind, Tom Thomson, 1917 Canada Postage Stamp
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The West Wind, Tom Thomson, 1917
Date of Issue
May 3, 1990
Postal Administration
Masterpieces of Canadian Art
Series Time Span
Perforation or Dimension
12.5 x 13.5
Ashton-Potter Limited.
Designed by Pierre-Yves Pelletier.
Original Artwork
Thomas John Thomson, "The West Wind", 1917 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
About Stamp
On 3 May 1990, Canada Post Corporation is issuing the third stamp in the Masterpieces of Canadian Art series. In recognition of Canadian artist Tom Thomson's contributions to our artistic heritage, the stamp reproduces one of his most famous paintings, "The West Wind". The oil-on-canvas was painted in Toronto during 1916-17 and is considered to be "the spirit of Canada manifest in a picture." Montreal graphic designer Pierre-Yves Pelletier used the same general design format for "The West Wind" as he did for the previous two stamps in the series. Sixteen stamps are arranged in a distinctive pane format, with an extra-wide margin for information on the painting and for decorative detail. The complete sheet will be supplied to customers requesting "corner block sets."
Canada Post Corporation. Presenting, 1990.
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