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Galena Canada Postage Stamp
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Date of Issue
September 21, 1992
Postal Administration
Canadian Minerals
Series Time Span
Perforation or Dimension
Ashton-Potter Limited.
Designed by Raymond Bellemare.
About Stamp
Gold is one of five minerals featured in a se tenant 10-stamp booklet issued on September 21, 1992, marking the 150th anniversary of the Geological Survey of Canada. The other four designs feature copper, sodalite, galena and grossular. All five minerals are mined in Canada. The Geological Survey of Canada was founded in 1843 after the Province of Canada voted £1,500 to create an organization to outline its geology. Its first director was William Edmond Logan, a Montrealer born of Scottish parents. The Geological Survey of Canada has played a key role in exploring, mapping, opening up the west and north, and contributing strongly to Canada's economic growth. Among its numerous accomplishments, it predicted the Yukon gold deposits, discovered Canada's largest coal deposit in Alberta, and the Red Deer River Valley dinosaur fossils and mapped the High Arctic, opening the ways for oil and gas development. Logan was knighted for his achievements and later had the honour of Canada's highest peak named after him. Today the GSC continues its role as Canada's watchdog on geological happenings with the latest in modern technology. But its original explorer-mapper role continues by use of deep-diving submersibles which map the sea beds off Canada's coast. Galena represents the main source of lead, of which Canada is the world's third largest producer. This specimen is from the Polaris Mine on Little Cornwallis Island in the NWT, believed to be the world's most northerly mine.
Canada Post Corporation. Canada's Stamps Details, No. 7, 1992, p. 1, 12-13.
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