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Swiety Mikolaj

Christmas, Christmas Personages


Swiety Mikolaj



Date of Issue

November 4, 1993




Postal Administration



Christmas, Christmas Personages

Series Time Span


Perforation or Dimension



Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.


Designed by Louis Fishauf.

About Stamp

Canada Post Corporation's final set in its Christmas series honouring Yuletide personages from around the world makes its début on November 4, 1993. The 38¢ Greet More stamp depicts the North American Santa Claus, while other Yuletide gift-givers include Swiety Mikolaj and Gwiazdka, from Poland (43¢ domestic rate), Russia's Ded Moroz (49¢ USA rate) and Father Christmas from Australia (86¢ international rate). Swiety Mikolaj is St. Nicholas based Yuletide and makes his rounds on December 6. Resembling a bishop, he wears a mitre (religious hat) and a long cape-style garment, carrying a staff. Rather than letters to Santa at the North Pole, Polish children leave their notes on the window still, hoping to receive a present in return. If they do not, there is always Gwiazdka, Star of Giving, a feminine personification of the Christmas Star. Following the Christmas Eve supper, there is a visit from the Star Man, usually the village priest, who tests the children in their Catechism and rewards them with gifts.
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Canada Post Corporation. Canada's Stamps Details, No. 12, 1993, p. 4-5.

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