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Champion Road Grader, 1936

Historic Land Vehicles, Industrial and Commercial Vehicles


Champion Road Grader, 1936



Date of Issue

June 8, 1996




Postal Administration



Historic Land Vehicles, Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

Series Time Span


Perforation or Dimension

12.5 x 13


Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.


Designed by Joseph Gault. Designed by Tiit Telmet.

Hidden Date

The date for this stamp can be found in the bottom-right corner.

About Stamp

Looking at the results, we'd have to say that the designers of our fourth set of Historic Land Vehicles stamps have taken as much care with their designs as the inventors of the vehicles did with theirs! Tiit Telmet, Cameron Wykes and Joseph Gault have rendered accurate and detailed stamps depicting an early electric carriage to a modern logging truck. The stamps reveals the styling and performance features that won the respect and loyalty of commercial custumers across the country. In 1892, when the Copp Brothers of Hamilton, Ontario purchased Canadian rights to manufacture and sell Champion road-making machines from the American Road Machinery Company, they couldn't have imagined that a century later their graders would still be scraping, spreading and smoothing roads in Canada and around the world. Graders developed from the original horse-drawn devices into diesel and hydraulic models with air-conditioning and power-assisted controls. In 1936, Dominion Road Machinery of Goderich, Ontario manufactured the first hydraulic model. It replaced the old mechanical system of shafts, gears and universal joints and, as contemporary advertisements claimed, was the "smoothest...and easiest operating machine of its kind." The Canadian development caught on... and on! In 1993, 101 years after the Copp brothers got into business, Canada's Champion Road Machinery was the second largest supplier of motor graders in the world.

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Canada Post Corporation. Canada's Stamps Details, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1996, p. 5, 7.

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