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Hoar Frost on Tree

Weather Wonders


Hoar Frost on Tree



Date of Issue

June 18, 2015




Postal Administration



Weather Wonders

Series Time Span

2015 - 2018

Perforation or Dimension

Serpentine Die Cut 13¼


Canadian Bank Note


Design: Kosta Tsetsekas, Defne Corbacioglu (Signals). Photography: Hoar frost, Daryl Benson (Masterfile).


Booklet of 10 stamps

Quantity Produced - 350,000
Original Price: $8.50
Dimension: 48 mm x 26 mm
Printing Process: Lithography in 6 colours

Souvenir sheet of 5 stamps

Quantity Produced - 140,000
Original Price: $4.25
Dimension: 130 mm x 95 mm
Printing Process: Lithography in 6 colours
Gum Type: PVA

Uncut press sheet of 6 souvenir sheets

Quantity Produced - 5,000
Original Price: $25.50
Dimension: 616 mm x 483 mm
Printing Process: Lithography in 6 colours

Souvenir sheet Official First Day Cover

Quantity Produced - 11,000
Cancellation Location: Toronto ON
Original Price: $5.25
Dimension: 191 mm x 113 mm

About Stamp

Sunny, cloudy, pleasant or miserable – we feel the weather deeply. There’s no escaping it… but who would want to? The intense beauty of good, bad or even dangerous weather captures imaginations, sparks conversations and inspires artists.

From brilliant flashes of lightning to crystal-clear ice veneers, the images on these stamps showcase the incredible variety of weather we experience in Canada – all thanks to the photographers who braved the elements to capture these meteorological marvels.

Armed with these spectacular visuals, Kosta Tsetsekas and Defne Corbacioglu – of Vancouver-based Signals – designed a set of stamps that are tied together seamlessly.

“We used themed icons as a nod to the long history of weather iconography – the small suns, clouds and raindrops you see in your daily weather forecast,” explains Tsetsekas. “The icons add spice to the stamps without clouding the wonderful photography,” adds Corbacioglu.

The five photographs come from every corner of the country. Daryl Benson snapped hoar frost covering a tree near Beaumont, Alberta. Geoff Whiteway focused on hazy, early-morning fog at Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site in Newfoundland. In Saint-Gédéon, Quebec, Mike Grandmaison chased a rain shower to shoot a double rainbow, while Dave Reede captured radiant flashes of lightning near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Further north, in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Frank Reardon caught rarely witnessed sun dogs, created by ice crystals in the air.

Each weather wonder was carefully chosen with expert assistance from Environment Canada’s senior climatologist, David Phillips, who shares our fascination with weather. Says Phillips, “I marvel at the beauty – and violence – of weather in Canada, which these stamps spectacularly depict.”

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