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Transporter - Star Trek

Star Trek


Transporter - Star Trek



Date of Issue

May 5, 2016




Postal Administration



Star Trek

Series Time Span

2016 - 2017

Perforation or Dimension

140 mm x 90 mm


Outer Aspect


Design: Kosta Tsetsekas, John Belisle, Mike Savage, Adrian Horvath (Signals). Photos: CBS.


Lenticular souvenir sheet enlargement

Quantity Produced - 3,500
Original Price: $140.00
Dimension: 360 mm x 560 mm

Lenticular souvenir sheet

Quantity Produced - 350,000
Original Price: $10.00
Dimension: 140 mm x 90 mm

Uncut press sheet of 12 lenticular souvenir sheets

Quantity Produced - 2,000
Original Price: $120.00
Dimension: 425 mm x 630 mm

Lenticular souvenir sheet Official First Day Cover

Quantity Produced - 15,000
Cancellation Location: Vulcan AB
Original Price: $11.00
Dimension: 191 mm x 113 mm

About Stamp

A tribute to the high-tech world of Star Trek, this stamp uses lenticular printing, a method that makes images appear in motion when viewed from different angles. A homage to the show’s most famous technology – the transporter – and one of its most popular episodes, “The City on the Edge of Forever,” they bring the beloved series to the “miniature screen.”

Stamp designer Kosta Tsetsekas, of Vancouver-based Signals Design Group, saw lenticular as an opportunity to recognize the show’s futuristic vision and the special effects that brought it to life.

“I felt that lenticular, developed in the 1940s, had a bit of a low-tech feel that really mirrored the TV special effects used in the original Star Trek series. Thanks to newer technology, it is now possible to show a lot more motion.”

To set these designs in motion, Jonathan Moon and his team at New Zealand’s Outer Aspect approached the project with extra care, not only because millions of fans would be scrutinizing the final product but also because he, too, is a fan.

“I grew up with Star Trek, and I love how science fiction becomes science fact. I can play a snippet of video footage from Star Trek on a stamp, with no electricity required. That’s straight out of science fiction to me.”

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